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Introduction to Angel Numbers

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

It is not uncommon for people to report seeing the same number, or number sequence, several times over a short period, and to feel like it is meaningful in some way. These numbers can show up in a variety of places, but wherever they are, they seem to capture your attention for some reason.

These numbers are often called Angel Numbers, sent to us from the spiritual plane when we need guidance.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Many philosophers believe that the world is constructed according to a divine geometric plan. This is why mathematics is universal and the same numerical patterns and geometric shapes show up repeatedly in the seeming chaos of nature.

As an extension of this philosophy, some people believe that numbers are a bit like the DNA of the universe. Each carries its own set of specific information, both physical and spiritual. Consequently, numbers hold messages that we can decipher.

It is also believed that whatever exists in the spiritual plane cannot always communicate with us directly because we have put up so many boundaries between ourselves and the spiritual. But these forces can nudge us to notice things in the world around us. Therefore, by nudging us repeatedly to see the same numbers, the spiritual plane can send us messages.

Our intuition, while it may not be able to put a label on these nudges, recognizes that something unusual is going on and prompts us to feel like there is something more to the numbers that we are seeing.

These numbers may appear when we are asking the universe for guidance, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Many people believe that the number will always appear when the problem that we are facing is at the front of our mind in some way. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what is happening around us and what we were thinking and feeling when the number appeared to help us interpret it.

Interpreting Angel Numbers

Angel numbers can show up as a single digit that you see repeatedly, or a group of three or four numbers that you see again and again in the same sequence. Longer sequences tend to be unusual as our minds don’t hold on to them as patterns in the same way.

Interpreters of Angel Numbers focus on the meanings of each of the cardinal digits, 0-9, and also the three master numbers, 11, 22, and 33. When these numbers appear in isolation, their meaning is forceful.

When you are looking at a combination of numbers, you need to understand how they relate to decipher their meaning. Generally speaking, focus on the centre digit as the core meaning, and the outer digits as modifiers. So, for example, with the number 857, 5 is the core of the message, and the 8 and the 7 add nuance.

When interpreting a number, its cardinal sum can also be significant. For example, the cardinal sum of 857 is 2, since 8+5+7 is 20, and 2+0 is 2.

Some readers suggest that numbers preceding the central number point towards causes, while numbers following can indicate effects. The cumulative cardinal number may suggest actions to take going forward.

Repeating numbers such as 8888 are an intensification of the core number, in this case, 8.

Individual Number Meanings

There are a lot of resources out there to help you understand the accepted meanings of certain numbers. These form a great basis and starting point from which you can use your intuition to try and understand what the universe is trying to tell you.

Number 1

This is the number of action and control. It reminds us that we shape our own lives, and that we are responsible for the state of our lives.

The number one represents the creative forces of the universe. But we are all contributors to that creation through our actions and thoughts.

1 will often appear when we need to stop feeling helpless and take charge of a situation.

Number 2

This is the number of harmony, equilibrium, and balance. It shows us how different elements come together to be more than the sum of their parts when they work together.

The number 2 is also linked to relationships and reminds us that no one is alone or does anything alone. It can shine a light on important relationships in our lives.

2 appears when we need to pay more attention to our connections.

Number 3

This number represents the complete person in terms of mind, body, and spirit, and the balance that we need between the different elements to thrive.

The number three is also the number of communication. It points to how we project ourselves and also how we interpret the information that we receive.

3 can suggest that we have a blind spot, or that we are not giving off the energy that we imagine and need to rebalance.

Number 4

This is the number of foundations and refers to the fundamental things in our lives on which everything else is built.

The number 4 often illuminates problems in our foundations that are setting us up for problems, or things that we consider cornerstones of ourselves that are no longer serving us.

4 usually indicates major change, but it will only happen when we self-reflect deeply and decide to make important changes.

Number 5

This is the number of freedom, independence, and adventure.

The number five can be a simple indication of an adventure on the horizon, but it can also be a warning that our freedom is inhibited in some way.

5 can tell us that we are letting things like fear and insecurity curb our opportunities.

Number 6

This is the number of the material, and is often linked to things like profession and finances. But the number is more closely linked with the things we need to feel safe and secure, and therefore have the freedom to thrive.

The number six often suggests that everything is not right in our material world and that it is causing other issues, though we probably haven’t made the connection.

6 suggests that now is the time to focus on the material, and not to feel “guilty” for wanting security.

Number 7

This is the number of the esoteric and usually refers to learning, any type of learning but often spiritual. It is always a sign that we need to pay attention to our internal world.

The number seven suggests that we have opportunities to grow and transform if we are willing to take them. It may also suggest that something important is hidden from our knowledge.

7 usually suggests that we focus on our inner world, our intentions, our attitudes, and our personal growth.

Number 8

This is the number of consequences and is a reminder of the fundamental nature of cause and effect. All things have a cost!

The number seven often shows us that the problems that we are facing now are the result of our own actions. This is not meant as a reprimand, but rather to empower us to take charge.

8 tells us that our problems are of our own creation and are ours to solve.

Number 9

This is the number of endings and things coming to completion. But all endings are also beginnings. They clear away what we no longer need so that we can move forward.

The number nine can warn us that something is coming to an end. While we may be sad about this, it tells us that there is something better on the other side.

9 tells us that change is inevitable, and not to fight it, because this change will take us forward.

Number 0

This numeral represents infinite possibility, all possible worlds, and the void. Our individual world is ours to create, but we will be stuck in a circle unless we choose a path forward.

The numeral zero tells us not to be limited in our beliefs about what is possible, but also that we need to make choices and stick to them to make things happen.

0 is a good omen that reminds us that our future is in our hands.

Master Number 11

This is the Master Visionary number and represents our ability to shape the world as we want through our choices, actions, and attitudes. When we are in control of ourselves, we are in control of our world.

The number eleven forms a gateway, and also suggests that we must pass a point of no return to move forward. It represents risk and reward.

11 appears to empower us to take control of ourselves, and in doing so, take control of our world.

Master Number 22

This is the Master Builder and reminds us that bricks are nothing without mortar. Pay attention to the connecting tissue that exists between the elements of our life.

The number twenty-two suggests that we take action by pulling on connections rather than trying to bulldoze through walls. This is where the real power lies.

22 reminds us that nothing exists in isolation and that working in one area can have a huge impact on another.

Master Number 33

This is the Master Teacher and suggests that we are on the cusp of a major transformation. New learning and new experience is about to change us, or it already has bit we have not yet recognized it.

The number thirty-three suggests that now is the time to throw off imposter syndrome and embrace our talent and knowledge. Also, remember that knowledge is one of the elements that grows when it is shared.

33 reminds us that there is no limit in what we can learn, and that sharing knowledge increases its value.

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