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The Devil - Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil is one of the Major Arcana Tarot cards and it draws attention towards that shadow self. This is the darker side of our nature and also the negative thoughts and habits that we allow to control our lives. It reminds us that everyone has these negative elements, and that they can teach us to be a better person if we don’t hide from them.

The Devil Major Arcana Tarot Card - various examples

Upright Tarot Card Meanings - In Brief

In the upright position, The Devil suggests that negative thoughts, unhealthy habits, and codependent relationships are taking us to a negative place. We are actively contributing to our current challenging circumstances through our choices and attitudes. It is necessary to break negative cycles to make positive change.

Reversed Tarot Card Meanings - In Brief

In the reversed position, The Devil card suggests that you are about to emerge from a challenging time. You have probably been doing the hard work of self-development and you are now emerging into the light. You may be afraid to share your true self with other people, but you have less to fear than you might imagine.

Number - 15

The Devil card is linked with the number 15, which speaks to the things that matter to us in the real world, such as love, family, and financial security. These things matter but can also becomes obsessions. The number is also linked to our personal power, especially how it interacts with the things that we desire.

Element - Earth

The Devil card is linked with the element of earth, which is a grounding element that helps us see life as it is and take practical steps to get what we want. The card can be a reminder that our roots go deeper than we think, and we may be ignoring important roots because their darker nature scares us in some way.

Planet – Saturn

The planet Saturn rules The Devil card. The ringed planet is linked to tangible rewards and wealth in the real world and our relationship to those things. But Saturn also tends to exert delaying and limiting forces that can hold us back from reaching our full potential.

The Devil - Tarot Card Description

While The Devil card appears differently in different decks, most pull on the symbology represented in the Rider Waite deck.

Standing at the center of the card is Baphomet, also known as the horned goat of Mendes. He is actually half man and half goat and represents the duality of all things: good and evil, man and woman, human and animal. He has the wings of a vampire bat, an animal which sucks the lifeblood out of other animals. It is a reminder that there are many human practices that have the same draining effect.

A man and a woman stand at the base of the podium on which Baphomet sits, naked and chained. But they are not there against their will, but rather of their own choosing. The two have small horns that have started to grow as they become more like the energy that they choose to absorb.

Read more about the horned god Cernunnos.

The Devil - Upright Tarot Card Meaning

When The Devil appears upright in a Tarot reading it suggests that there are things in your life that are holding you back. These could be negative habits, negative self-talk, and fears that keep you stuck in situations that generate negative energy.

The eyes of Baphomet on the card are hypnotic and can hold a person in place. There are many habits that have the same impact. You may think that you are in control of your life, but in reality, these things are controlling you.

As well as attachment to habits and addictions, The Devil can point towards powerful attachments between two people. These are not always negative, but the card can be a warning that attachment is morphing into dependency.

The two sides of The Devil are a reminder that actions have consequences. The appearance of the card can suggest that you are making poor decisions, probably trading long-term benefit for short-term gratification.

What to do?

When The Devil card appears upright in a Tarot reading, it is time to look at the things that are bringing negativity into your life. If you want to move forward, you will need to find ways to remove these things from your life and let go of what no longer serves you. The best way to do this is to look at the darker sides of yourself directly and be honest with yourself.

The Devil - Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When The Devil card often appears reversed in a Tarot reading when you are emerging from a difficult and challenging time. It suggests that while you have been struggling, you are finally at the point of emerging onto a new and lighter path.

The card can encourage you to accept the new version of yourself that is emerging and not get hung up on idea of who you used to be.

When The Devil is reversed, it can also suggest that you are hiding parts of yourself from the outside world. This is not unusual, but it can block you from forming meaningful relationships. The card can suggest that now is the time to open up and share your deeper self with the people closest to you.

What to do?

When The Devil card appears reversed in a Tarot reading, it can be a sign that you are emerging from a dark period of your life and that you will soon embrace a new peace. You may struggle to accept this new version of yourself, and even more to share it with others. But embracing who you truly are can only bring you peace and benefit.

The Devil Tarot Reading

When The Devil appears in a Tarot reading, it is drawing attention to the shadow self. This is the darker side of our thoughts and emotions that many of us deny and try to suppress, but this is rarely healthy.

Everyone has dark thoughts, and they are not a reflection of who we are as a person. How we choose to treat those thoughts is what matters. While we might dislike ourselves for having certain thoughts, they are a reflection of our fears. Learn from your darker side and face your fears.

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